Industrial Services

Tramin offers comprehensive industrial construction and maintenance services across Canada, providing quick setup of shutdown crews and a full fleet of maintenance vehicles and equipment. From machinery installations to long-term maintenance needs, we have the expertise to handle it all.

Industrial Construction and Maintenance

Tramin has been known for many years to supply tradesmen across Canada for various long and short term maintenance and machinery installation services. We have the ability to set up a full-on shutdown crew in short notice to serve our clients on all of their breakdown / scheduled maintenance needs.

We have a full fleet of maintenance vehicles and equipment including boom trucks mobile welders telehandlers, arial work platforms and tooling to tackle just about any task.

We have the ability to recruit Canada wide millwrights, HD mechanics, electricians, welders, supervision and various operators with underground certification if required.

So whether you need help demolishing, installing, repairing, rebuilding, troubleshooting or short / long term maintenance needs call us today to discuss how we can help.