About Us



Tramin was initially established in 1988 to provide contract trades personnel to the Northwestern Ontario mining industry.

Trades shortages plagued the mining industry for a number of years and we saw an opportunity to establish a service of providing a large cross section of trades. Initially we contracted out Heavy Duty equipment mechanics and soon received requests for contract welders, millwrights, electricians and more. We thought that specializing in one specific trade or area could be problematic when the demand for that one trade subsided. Once we established ourselves with a few key clients we were soon providing all types of personnel for mining and the wood industry throughout Canada.

Our Story

Tramin’s foresight and adaptability were instrumental in its growth. Rather than specializing in a single trade or field, they embraced diversity, understanding that reliance on one specialty could become problematic if demand waned. Building strong relationships with key clients, Tramin quickly expanded its reach and began providing skilled personnel not only to the mining sector but also to the thriving wood industry, making a significant impact on resource development across Canada. With a commitment to excellence and a foundation of versatility, Tramin became a trusted partner in powering the success of both industries, setting a precedent for adaptable and client-focused solutions in the labor market.