Repair, Fabrication and Machine Shop
Tramin Industrial provices full service Fabrication, Machine, and Mobile Repair shop services.

Shop Services

We recently moved our head office into a larger building and now have 2 shop facilities in Atikokan to better serve our clients.

Mobile repair shop

Tramin’s 8000 sq.ft. Repair shop is located on 30 acres of land just outside Atikokan on Hwy 11b. In this facility we repair and maintain a variety of construction equipment, fleets of Hi-way trucks and keep our own fleet of vehicles and construction equipment in tip top condition. We have certified technicians on staff and in the near future our shop will be licenced by the Ontario Ministry of Transport to perform Safety checks for on-road equipment.

Fabrication and Machine shop

We recently amalgamated our Atikokan and Thunder Bay offices into one location in Atikokan to better serve our clients. Renovations are near completion in our newest location in Atikokan which used to be known as “The Bob Moffatt Building”. This 9000 sq. ft.  building used to also house “Calmang Steel” which operated a welding and machine shop in the back portion of the building.

In our new shop facility we offer a full range of welding, fabrication and machine shop services.

In addition to our in-house certified technicians and a wide variety of welding/ cutting machinery typically in a welding shop we also have in our shop;
75ton Piranha Iron worker, Plate rolls, Hydraulic sheer, Hydraulic brake press, box brakes, Lathes, Milling machines, portable line bore etc.

If you require any services listed here please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements as we are always looking for exciting new projects for our shop(s).

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