Tramin Industrial
Established in 1988 to provide contract trades personnel to the Northwestern Ontario mining industry.

About Tramin

Tramin was initially established in 1988 to provide contract trades personnel to the Northwestern Ontario mining industry.

Trades shortages plagued the mining industry for a number of years and we saw an opportunity to establish a service of providing a large cross section of trades. Initially we contracted out Heavy Duty equipment mechanics and soon received requests for contract welders, millwrights, electricians and more. We thought that specializing in one specific trade or area could be problematic when the demand for that one trade subsided. Once we established ourselves with a few key clients we were soon providing all types of personnel for mining and the wood industry throughout Canada.

We have come along way since 1988 and we have witnessed many up and downs, good times and tough times since starting out with a small office in Atikokan and just a few employees. Witnessing cycles in the industry and how small the industry actually is made us realize if we work hard and earn our clients trust and treat them fairly we will have partners for years to come.

Since our inception in 1988 we have provided such a variety of services that it would be impossible to describe in sentences, paragraphs or even pages what Tramin Industrial can actually do for your operation. Many of our key staff have worked in the trades and have considerable experience in Mining and Wood processing facilities, we understand the importance of getting the job done safely in a timely manner.

Please explore our website further to get a general idea of our services and if you are a prospective client and don’t see something listed please contact us to discuss your needs as we are here to help.

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